I occasionally present talks and guided walks based on the topics covered in my blog (in particular, the burial grounds of London) – please check back here for details of how to book.  If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event, please get in touch using the contact form below.

“Southwark’s Lost Burial Grounds” will return on 3rd August 2019. 

There may not be many traces of them left today, but Southwark was once home to many burial grounds, from plague pits and poor grounds to rural churchyards and graveyards hemmed in by houses and industrial buildings. To tell the story of these burial grounds is to tell the story of Southwark, its churches and hospitals, and the people who lived and died there – rich, poor, and everyone in between. This guided walk will tell the story of these lost and often long-forgotten graveyards, taking in a circular route around Southwark and finishing up back at Southwark Cathedral.


  • the history behind Cross Bones and Dead Man’s Place
  • the people who had a graveyard in their front garden
  • the story behind Southwark’s Flemish community and their burial ground
  • why many of Southwark’s dead are now buried in Surrey
  • visit the tomb of Thomas Guy who is laid to rest in the crypt of Guy’s Hospital Chapel (not normally open to the public)

Tickets are £10 and can be purchased via Southwark Cathedral’s Eventbrite page.

Later in 2019 – London Month of the Dead

I will be taking part in Antique Beat‘s annual London Month of the Dead event in October 2019.  Watch this space for more details…

Previous events

“A New Way of Death” – a guided tour of Nunhead Cemetery, as part of London Month of the Dead
14th October 2017

“Southwark’s Lost Burial Grounds” – a guided tour around Southwark’s forgotten burial grounds and a special visit to the crypt beneath the chapel at Guy’s Hospital, on behalf of Southwark Cathedral
10th June 2017
4th November 2017
23rd June 2018
11th May 2019

“Isabella Holmes: Victorian London’s Cemetery Sleuth” – a lecture about the author of the 1896 book The London Burial Grounds
Guildhall Library
17th March 2016