I present talks and guided walks based on the topics covered in my blog (in particular, the burial grounds of London) – please check back here for details of how to book.  If you are interested in inviting me to speak at your event, please get in touch using the contact form at the bottom of the page.

I now also have a dedicated website for my tourguiding – Walks with Caroline – but I will also continue to update this page with any upcoming events.

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Upcoming events

Burial Grounds of the City of London: Barbican to Blackfriars

Join me for a tour of the burial grounds on the western edge of the City of London, taking in 2,000 years of history and providing a new perspective on some of the City’s most familiar landmarks.

This tour will visit the burial places of both outcasts and heroes, and explore historic graveyards both cherished and forgotten. These places are rich in stories and characters – we will meet prophets and plague victims, prisoners and preachers. Along the way we will learn about Roman funerals, the Jews of medieval London, the vast charnel house of old St Paul’s, and how the bones of London’s dead have taught us so much about how Londoners of the past have lived and died. We’ll also visit the London home of the Knights Templar, one of the city’s most notorious prisons, the burial place of a queen whose life wouldn’t have been out of place in Game of Thrones, and one of the City’s most moving memorials.

Sunday 21st August 2022, 1pm

Tickets are £12 + booking fee.

Tales from Long Lane’s Forgotten Burial Grounds

The ancient thoroughfare of Long Lane, linking Borough High Street with Bermondsey Abbey, hides many secrets. It marks a prehistoric boundary between the marshy riverside and the solid ground of old Surrey, with a landscape that has shifted over the centuries from peaceful fields to a hub of London’s industry and commerce.

A rich cast of curious characters have walked this route over the centuries: devotees of Roman gods, feuding bodysnatchers, desperate debtors, social reformers: all among folks famous, infamous, and forgotten.

To walk down Long Lane is to learn the history of Southwark that doesn’t make the tourist guides – you will find no cathedrals or grand buildings here, but instead its old streets and graveyards bring to life two millennia of social history south of the Thames.

Join me as I guide you through Long Lane by way of its old burial grounds and the stories they tell. Using historic maps, archival sources, and good old boots-on-the-ground exploration I have uncovered places and stories that bring to life the fascinating history of this overlooked part of the Borough.

Sun 4 September 2022, 2pm

Tickets £12 + booking fee

London Month of the Dead 2022

London Month of the Dead is back for 2022, with a full month of online and in-person events exploring death and London’s relationship with it. I’m delighted to be doing three walks for this year’s programme – tickets and more information on these can be found at the links below:

Plague and Scandal at the Clerk’s Well: a tour of Clerkenwell – 8th October 2022
In Search of the Gothic Revival: a tour of West Norwood Cemetery – 15th October 2022
Dead Man’s Place: 2,000 years of death in London: a tour of Bankside and old Southwark – 22nd October 2022

Please note that all ticketing for these walks is managed by London Month of the Dead, so please get in contact with them directly if you have any ticket-related queries.

Previous events

“Tales from Long Lane’s Forgotten Burial Grounds” – a guided tour in Southwark
25th June 2022
7th June 2022

“Cemeteries of Roman London” – Zoom lecture
8th February 2022

“St Patrick’s Chapel, Heysham: a pre-Norman chapel and cemetery on the Lancashire coast” – Zoom lecture for Ely Archaeological Society – Available to view on YouTube
15th November 2021

“Plague and Scandal at the Clerk’s Well: the burial grounds of Clerkenwell,” a guided tour given as as part of London Month of the Dead
24th October 2021

“Dead Man’s Place: 2,000 years of death in London – a guided tour around Bankside and Old Southwark” – as part of London Month of the Dead
23rd October 2021

“In Search of the Gothic Revival” – a guided tour of West Norwood Cemetery, as part of London Month of the Dead
16th October 2021
12th October 2019

“Southwark’s Lost Burial Grounds” – a guided tour around Southwark’s forgotten burial grounds and a special visit to the crypt beneath the chapel at Guy’s Hospital, on behalf of Southwark Cathedral
25th September 2021
3rd August 2019
11th May 2019
23rd June 2018
4th November 2017
10th June 2017

“Understanding the Symbolism of the Victorian Cemetery” – Zoom lecture
22nd June 2021

“London’s Magnificent Seven Cemeteries: An Introduction” – Zoom lecture
13th May 2021

“Face to Face with London’s Dead: a history of human remains on display” – Zoom lecture
18th March 2021

“An introduction to the Novo Sephardic Jewish Cemetery at Mile End” – a talk given as part of a London Historians event
22nd October 2019

“A New Way of Death” – a guided tour of Nunhead Cemetery, as part of London Month of the Dead
14th October 2017

“Isabella Holmes: Victorian London’s Cemetery Sleuth” – a lecture about the author of the 1896 book The London Burial Grounds
Guildhall Library
17th March 2016

Please use this form to get in touch with me if you have any queries about my events, or to discuss a collaboration or the commissioning of a new event.